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Perfect Fit Fat Boy Extender Sport 6.5in Blk

by Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit Fat Boy Extender Sport 6.5 inches will come in two colors: Black and White-colored.Read more

Key Benefits

  • Phthalate free
  • The fat boy sport is the newest product in the fat boy line and is perfect for you guys looking for a more snug fit
  • Wash thoroughly with mild soap and water

Brand:Perfect Fit



Dimensions:8.50 x 3.00 x 8.50in

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Perfect Fit Fat Boy Extender Sport 6.5 inches will come in two colors: Black and White-colored. Each offered individually. Body Fat Boy Sport may be the newest product within the Fat Boy Line and is ideal for everyone searching for any more snug fit. The insanely stretchy Fat Boy Sport adds an obvious girth for your penis and causes it to be really feel huge. It's quite simple to obtain off and on and stays in position by hooking on your balls using the opening at the base, that also provides the most pleasing tug in your balls while stroking or fucking. Nothing causes us to be more sex crazed than hooking one of these simple bad boys onto our units! Pulling a solo act tonight? There is no shame in getting some masturbatory fun using the hands that never fails, make the Fat Boy Sport also constitutes a great stroker using its nubs and ribs and soft cushioned feeling inside. Just pour a number of your preferred lube inside and you're gonna cum like you haven't felt it before. Body Fat Boy is fairly simple like many others available on the market. The blend is known as Silaskin, that is a perfect mixture of Silicone and TPR which provides it a fantastic stretch factor, that makes it our most widely used adult toy! The Interior dimension is 5.5 inchesThat is created for a comfortable fit along with a perfect size extender for transmission. For those everyone which are packing a bit more heat, take a look at our original Fat Boy! Remember, this isn't a contraceptive or an alternative to a condom. Body Fat Boy Sport is protected with all of lubes. Wash completely with mild water and soap. The product is porous. Perfect Fit Brand Goods are offered, and meant for use strictly as adult novelty toys to keep things interesting. They aren't meant for medical use and haven't been clinically tested. No medical claims are warranted or implied through these items. The product isn't suitable for latex condoms and adult products. Perfect Fit Fat Boy Extender Sport 6.5 inches Black from Perfect Fit
Brand Perfect Fit
Model PERCS02B
Material Silicone Blend
Color Black
Length 8.50in
Width 3.00in
Height 8.50in
Weight 0.62lb
UPC 852184004127